KuberBitcoin – A microtransaction coin for Mining Pools.

The first block of the KuberBitcoin network was mined back on July 16th, 2020, and later announced on Altcoinstalks.com 4th of august, 2020.

But the community was silently launched and built upon on the 1st of July, where the official Discord channel was launched.

The coin has been launched by a South African guy who is known as DKPE.

What is the use-case of KuberBitcoin?

As there are thousands of coins launched already, and new ones coming out on a daily basis, its nice to know whether or not a coin actually has a use.

And as for KuberBitcoins case, there actually is a use case.

Mining pools lose a fair bit of coin when they are making transactions between themselves and third party exchanges. KuberBitcoin, will allow exchanges to utilize its tiny value per coin, to facilitate transactions between the pool and the exchange.

This will increase the profitability of mining for both the pool owners and the miners, as they will lose less to transaction and trading fees.

To further support this project, DKPE has created a trading bot that is able to accumulate Dogecoin from trading. This DOGE will be set up as buy walls to further support the price and stability of KuberBitcoin.

KuberBitcoin Coin Specifications

KuberBitcoin is a built with the idea of reducing the cost of transactions.

This means the amount of KuberBitcoins being produced is also high.

With this increase in scale, the actual value per KuberBitcoin is low, but its potential total value could be very high. (Think of Dogecoin, Cardano and Stellar)

But what are the actual specifications for KuberBitcoin?

Blockchain NameKuberBitcoin
Currency TickerKBI
Hashing AlgorithmScrypt and Sha256D
Type of MiningMerged AuxPoW Scrypt
Proof of Work Rewards125.000 / 65.000
Address Start LetterK
Halving TimeEvery 2 years and 5 months
Maximum Supply50.000.000.000 / 50 Billion Coins
Listen Port13580
RPC Port13581
Mining Maturity85 Confirmations
Block Size10 MB
Block Time4 Minutes
KuberBitcoin Coin Specifications

KuberBitcoin Emission Profile

As you can read above, KuberBitcoin is emitting a lot of coins which is naturally going to keep the price per coin very low. But over time, the emission will slowly be cut down by several halving events. The first one should happen around November 2022.

KuberBitcoin Emission Calculation

KuberBitcoin Official Links

Below are the general links to KuberBitcoins own announcement thread, Social Media, Mining pools and Exchanges.

Official WebsiteKuberBitcoin.co.za
Altcoinstalk Announcement ThreadAltcoinsTalks.com
KuberBitcoin Source GithubGithub.com
KuberBitcoin WalletsWindows and Linux
KuberBitcoin ExplorerExplorer
KuberBitcoin DiscordDiscord Invite
KuberBitcoin TwitterTwitter
KuberBitcoin Official Links

KuberBitcoin Exchanges and Mining Pools

Below are the services that currently support KuberBitcoin.

Mining Pool Statshttps://miningpoolstats.stream/kuberbitcoin
StakeCenter Doge Markethttps://stakecenter.co/client/exchange/DOGE/KBI
AltMarkets.io Doge Markethttps://v2.altmarkets.io/trading/kbidoge
KuberBitcoin Exchanges and Mining Pools

KuberBitcoin Blockchain Updates

Updates from the developer will be added below as they are released.

CTN Authers Opinion

I feel like this project could have a very bright future.

The problem it is trying to solve is real, the question is whether or not mining pools will make the effort to implement KuberBitcoin.

But if the developer can provide some examples of savings for mining pools and miners, then it should happen naturally, as mining is about squeezing the profit margins to the max.

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