Ether-1 – Decentralize Everything!

Ether-1’s slogan could not be anymore precise.

The goal of Ether-1 is to decentralized everything. And as of right now, that especially means webhosting.

In these very politically divided times, censorship is on the rise and free speech is under attack.

That is one of the reasons why the development team behind Ether-1, has chosen to take on the task of decentralizing the internet.

What is Ether-1 and when was it launched?

Ether-1 is a fork of the Ethereum Blockchain.

It was forked, launched and had its genesis block mined on the 23rd of May, 2018.

Since then, a solid community with very active developers has been working towards making it possible to host websites on the blockchain itself.

This main feature has already been achieved! Right now, you can host your own website on the blockchain for next to nothing! This feature is way cheaper than any hosting provider can offer. More about this later!

What services and products has the Ether-1 Team created until now?

As of now, the Ether-1 project is moving towards being 3 years old.

That time has been spent very wisely, as they have forked and modified the Ethereum source code to a point where it contains a very special feature. Said feature is the hosting ability for websites.

The Ether-1 Blockchain hosting ability – EthoFS

I have personally spoken to a few of the moderators from the project, and they have told me about the ability to host websites directly on the blockchain itself.

For me, this is almost mind boggling as it creates total freedom for anyone, anywhere in the world.

That system built with a smart contract, is called EthoFS.

But how does EthoFS work?

Since the site is being hosted on the blockchain itself, then it also means that you aren’t stuck with hosting the site on a single server.

When purchasing hosting from a normal provider, the site is stored on a single server in a datacenter.
From there, you usually have to choose which location you want your site to be hosted.

This can impact the loading time for the site itself, depending on where the user is attempting to access it from.

With the EthoFS smart contract, the blockchain replicates the site code and distributes it out to more than 15 different server nodes on the network.

This eliminates the ability of governments and hosting companies, to censor or actively ban content from the internet.

What kind of website can be hosted on EthoFS?
As of right now, only a frontend website is able to be hosted on the network.
This basically means that sites like CTN, isn’t able to be hosted on the Ether-1 blockchain yet as it’s built with WordPress. And as some of you may already know, WordPress does require a backend to function.
But, that does not make EthoFS much less attractive than standard hosting solutions.
If you are a developer, or you have a developer creating a site for you that is built with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, then you will be able to host your site with the EthoFS smart contract.
And to be honest, most businesses and information websites could and should be built like that.

Here are some examples of sites already being hosted on the Ether-1 blockchain, with the EthoFS smart contract:

Okay, you got my interest.. But what about security?

Well, since the website is hosted on the blockchain itself, and spread out to more than 15 different servers currently.. Then you are completely secured from DDoS attacks, and only you control the site from the EthoFS smart contract you deployed.

Sounds cool, but what does it cost to host a site with EthoFS?

These days, the price of ETHOs, the currency of the Ether-1 blockchain is ridiculously low.

That translates into the hosting on the blockchain itself is also very very cheap!

I got a quote from one of the team members, that right now, hosting a site on the EthoFS contract, will only set you back $2, for 12 whole months! No seriously, a 5MB big website will set you back $2 for a whole year!

A quick calculation on the price moves the monthly cost of hosting down to a shocking $0.165 per month.

No other hosting company that I am aware of, is able to provide a service at the same price level.

How do I learn more about hosting a site on the Ether-1 blockchain?

The Ether-1 team has created one of the most impressing documentation hubs I have seen, for such a seemingly small project.

Ether-1s documentation site answers every question you could possibly have, and guides you from start to finish on every feature they currently offer.

To read through the documentation, and to learn how to host your own site on their network, simply head over to their site:

The Ether-1 Wallet Options

The Ether-1 team has been very busy on the wallet front.

As of now, they offer 9 different options for holding your ETHOs.

One of the things I am most impressed with when it comes to the wallets, is the mobile wallets.

The design is simple, but awesome. And even cooler, its able to support several other coins!
Here is a quote from the Ether-1 website:

The Ether-1 Mobile Wallet allows users to securely store their $ETHO, $BSC, $ETH, $POA, $ATH, $EGEM, $XDAI & $XERO on their iOS/iPadOS device.

Users can transact $ETHO, $BSC, $ETH, $POA, $ATH, $EGEM, $XDAI & $XERO between each other quickly and discretely by using their address or QR code. Users can also store their $ETHO, $ATH, $EGEM & $XERO and view their current holdings in the currency of their choice.

Quoted from the website.

Ether-1 Blockchain Specifications

Blockchain NameEther-1
Currency TickerETHO
Proof of Work AlgorithmEthash
Target Block Time13 seconds
Network ID1313114
Ether-1 blockchain specifications

Ether-1 Emission Profile

As you can see below, Ether-1 has chosen to go with a somewhat high amount of ETHO being released.

But they also have a very healthy inflation control in place, making sure that inflation does not kill the value of ETHO.

Image provided by

Opinion of the writer

So, my personal opinion on the Ether-1 project is pretty simple.

I am baffled that this project isn’t getting more attention, then it has gotten up until this point.

The features they offer, at the insanely low price point, more people should be taking advantage of this.

I can only put it down to being a project that has had some trouble in the marketing department.
Because they deserve a hell of a lot more attention for what they have accomplished, then they have gotten.

I really hope that the crypto community, and at some point, the “normal” world opens their eyes for this hidden gem.

It is going to be interesting to follow this project further.

I hope you enjoyed the article!
If you are feeling a tad bit generous, then I do have a Ether-1 wallet myself.

Have a good one! 🙂

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