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Ball Coin is a somewhat new blockchain project that seems to be flying under the radar, for the vast majority of crypto gamers.

As of right now, they have a functioning Sportsbook, Lotto and a Casino platform in Q3 2021.

The platform they have running right now, is version 1.5, and will be the last iteration before the switch to 2.0.

And oh boy, the difference between the two are night and day.

Whats the point of Ballcoin?

Well, the idea from the team is simple.

They wish to make gaming possible for everyone, without having to actively spend their hard-earned pocket change.

If you feel like putting a bet on a game for fun, it only sets you back 100 BALL.
As of now, that is $1 USD, with great odds on different sports genres.

So the Ballcoin Gaming project is making betting on live sports, playing the lotto, and smacking the casino games around a cheap thrill, with the potential to score big.

How did Ballcoin come to be?

One of the developers told me about their investment in the 1×2 project.

They as so many others, had bought into the project with their promises of building a community and a platform. Sadly, it ended in an exit scam that has set back that entire community at least $300.000 of confirmed losses.

But as the story goes, the majority of people abandon an exit scam without staying in contact with the remaining community. So the potential loss is in the millions of dollars.

The 3 developers of the Ballcoin team came together in an attempt to salvage what they could and help the victims of the 1×2 exit scam.

They made a swap from the 1×2 blockchain to the new Ballcoin blockchain, and moved on with their prototype sportsbook.

The Ballcoin Team

When I spoke with one of the team members, I asked him about the size of their team.

A lot of blockchain projects that are launched these days, seem to only have a single guy sitting in his basement hoping to strike it big with little to no skills.

The Ballcoin team seems to be a different story.

When I asked the team member, how many active developers that are on staff, he told me that 5+ are active.

To me, that means we have 5 dedicated developers and even more part-time developers who are actively working on version 2 of the Sportsbook.

This makes me a lot more confident, when it comes to looking into the future.

As I said, most projects have 1 guy sitting around working on the project.
And as most of you know, these projects don’t tend to last very long.

So for once, I am happy to see a project with a growing team that is making progress.

The Sportsbook Platform

As of right now, the Sportsbook platform is in its early stage, with a prototype that was put together as a proof of concept.

Its crude, and to be completely honest, its kind of a ugly duckling.

Have a look here of their interface..

Ballcoin Sportsbook Dashboard

Before you get scared away thinking “This is simply too primitive to have a chance”, then let me calm you down..

Its only version one, I was lucky enough to spend a bit of time to speak with one of the developers of the project, who allowed me to have a look at the new version.

Ballcoin Sportsbook Version 2.0

The new version with its modern design, makes some of the current big players in the gaming industry look like amateurs.

Version 2 has a nice dark modern design as default, but you are able to change it to a blue or a bright skin.

Ballcoin Sportsbook Dashboard version 2

As you can see, this looks like a well made system.

And I must tell you, the feel of it is even better. I tried to play around a bit with the current version, and it just doesn’t feel right. But with version 2, I can’t tell the difference when clicking around between Ballcoin and something like Bet365.

The developers has really made a great job with the new version.

They seem to have learned a lot from their past experiences with the current version 1.5, and they are ready to impress their own community with their hard work.

Just have a look at the bet slip and the simple but elegant display of future matches.

I had a look at the England Premier League as an example.

Ballcoin Sportsbook Bet Slip

As you can see, version 2 is a lot better and way more appealing to look at and use.

Ballcoin Blockchain Specifications and Emission

The Ballcoin blockchain is running on a X11 based Proof of Stake platform with integrated Masternodes.

Blockchain NameBallcoin Gaming
Currency TickerBALL
Proof of Stake AlgorithmX11
Maximum Supply21.000.000
Block Time60 seconds
Reward6 Ball MN 80% / PoS 20%
Ballcoin Blockchain Specifications

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