What is Crypto-Tokens.net about?

Our goal is to build a community around the history of Blockchain technology and the diverse Cryptocurrencies that has been created througout time.

Preservation of History

The blockchain revolution has begun.

A lot of people are well aware of this and the industry is moving fast.

That means a lot of project come and go, and we wish to help preserve the history of the Blockchain revolution.


Blockchain does not work if you are alone.

That is why we want to connect Blockchain enthusiasts from all over the world that enjoys to mine and explorer old cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects.

Find others with the same interest as you, and share your data to allow more people to participate and to preserve Blockchain History.


Data Sharing

Did you find some old coin you barely remember you had installed?

Awesome! Do not delete it!

Share the blockchain data with us and then we could possibly restore it and allow it to continue.

Join our Community today!

It does not matter whether you are a newbie or an expert, everyone is welcome!

Crypto is a part of the blockchain revolution – Join us and help us preserve its history!

Have you ever thought of how many coins have been made throughout time?

Just as of right now, a minimum of 5.000 unique blockchains are active and being used.

But, what about “dead” blockchains? How many are there of those?

The answer is simple, we don’t know.

Join our Discord Server!

Ask our community for help or meet others with the same interest in Crypto as you!

Become a Collector!

Collect old rare coins and see how big a collection you can make!

Old coins are becoming more and more rare, start collecting them today!

Have you ever met a collector?

Some collect stamps, old silver coins, and others collect action figures and other limited items.

You can do the same, just with cryptocurrency instead.

Coins from 2014 and before then are becoming more and more rare.

A small community of collectors is starting to form, and we want to help this community grow.