BALL Coin Gaming – Gaming For Free

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Ball Coin is a somewhat new blockchain project that seems to be flying under the radar, for the vast majority of crypto gamers. As of right now, they have a functioning Sportsbook, Lotto and a Casino platform in Q3 2021. The platform they have running right now, is version 1.5, and will be the last … Read more

Ether-1 – Decentralize Everything!

Ether-1’s slogan could not be anymore precise. The goal of Ether-1 is to decentralized everything. And as of right now, that especially means webhosting. In these very politically divided times, censorship is on the rise and free speech is under attack. That is one of the reasons why the development team behind Ether-1, has chosen … Read more

KuberBitcoin – A microtransaction coin for Mining Pools.

The first block of the KuberBitcoin network was mined back on July 16th, 2020, and later announced on 4th of august, 2020. But the community was silently launched and built upon on the 1st of July, where the official Discord channel was launched. The coin has been launched by a South African guy who … Read more

LeaCoin SHA-256

What is Leacoin and why was it created? Leacoin is a SHA256 based Proof of Work coin. There is no intended use for this coin that was launched on the 30th of March 2015. The creator of this coin wrote the following in his announcement thread on After this announcement is posted, the modest … Read more